Safety Features of the Ford Focus

If you are in the Ontario, OR area and are considering buying a car at Gentry Ford, the 2014 Ford Focus might be the car for you. Before buying any car, you will want to know its safety features. To help you in this regard, here is a rundown of the safety features of the Ford Focus.

ford focus safety features

  • Dual-stage front airbags. Dual-stage airbags tailor the amount of air needed in the event of an accident, ensuring you and your passenger’s safety. Driver and front-passenger airbags are standard on all Ford Focus models.
  • Front-seat side-impact airbags. Front-seat side-impact airbags are standard on all Ford Focus models
  • Safety Canopy side-curtain airbags (first and second row). Safety Canopy side-curtain airbags (first and second row) are also standard on all Ford Focus models.
  • Belt-Minder front safety belt reminder. This ensures that you don’t accidentally drive off without first buckling your seat belt.
  • AdvanceTrac electronic stability control. AdvanceTrac electronic stability control monitors the conditions of the road and how you respond to them. It them adjusts the engine’s power and ensures that all four wheels remain securely planted at all times. AdvanceTrac electronic stability control is standard on all Ford Focus models.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System alerts you if any of your tires experiences unsafe levels of low pressure. It is standard on all Ford Focus models
  • Driver’s knee airbag. Knee airbags reduce the risk of injury for knees, hips, and thighs. Standard feature.
  • LATCH, Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. LATCH makes it easier to secure child safety seats correctly, ensuring your children are safe when you drive. Standard feature.
  • Personal Safety System. The Personal Safety System includes an electronic crash-severity sensor, a driver’s seat position sensor, Front Passenger Sensing System, safety belt pre-tensioners, safety belt energy management retractors, front outboard safety belt usage sensors, and dual-stage front airbags. Standard feature.
  • Height adjustable front safety belts. A safety belt is not as safe if it isn’t tailored to your height. Being able to adjust them fixes the problem! Standard feature.
  • Three-point safety belts at all seating positions. Every seat in the vehicle features a three-point safety belt, ensuring that all passengers are secure no matter where they sit.

If you have any more questions about the 2014 Ford Focus, or if you are interested in any other cars, contact Gentry Ford in Ontario, Oregon. We sell new and used Fords and are here to answer any questions you might have!

Safety Features of the Ford Escape

When debating any new car purchase, safety should be paramount among your considerations. After all, what could be more important than you and your family’s safety? Here at Gentry Ford, we understand that, and not having to worry about how your vehicle will fare in the event of an accident will give you some peace of mind. One of the safest models we offer is the 2014 Ford Escape; in addition to being stylish, comfortable, and versatile the Escape is safe for your and your family.


Airbags save lives, and the engineers who designed the Escape know that. In addition to the front and side-mounted airbags, there are also rear compartment head airbags to protect your passengers. In the rear passenger compartment, all three seats have fully adjustable headrests, to prevent neck injuries in the event of a rear end collision. The center seat in the rear has a three point seat belt, as opposed to a lap belt only. Add those items to the standard child safety seat anchors and child door locks, and you and your passengers will be safe and secure. Also standard on the 2014 model, the integrated rear view back-up camera will ensure you can safely reverse without danger.

ford escape safety features


The Ford Escape has many standard safety features that can make all the difference in the event of a crash. All four wheels are equipped with Anti-Lock Brakes, which works together with the Emergency Brake Assist to help you slowdown in time. All four wheels have disc brakes, which are considerably more effective than older drum brakes. The headlights come on automatically when it starts to get dark, making you as visible to other drivers as possible. The Escape uses technology to help out as well; stability control, traction control, electronic brake force distribution, and tire pressure monitoring are all standard features to increase the safety of the vehicle.

In a change from earlier models, the Escape has transformed from a small SUV into a compact crossover. This means a few things in the name of safety: a lowered ground clearance for better traction and handling and a shorter wheelbase for tighter turns, both of which reduce the chance of a roll-over.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is a non-profit, independent organization that tests vehicles and publicizes the results. The Ford Escape received the highest ranking available in four out of the five categories the IIHS evaluates. The National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) awarded the Escape an average of 4.25 out of five stars.


The Ford Escape is fuel efficient, fun to drive, versatile, and safe. If you are considering a Ford Escape, come see us at Gentry Ford and let our experts tell you all about it. Located just over the border in Ontario, Oregon, we are just a short drive from Boise.

Safety Features of the Ford Mustang

The days when driving a sports car meant you were taking your life into your own hands have long passed. Today, Ford has gone to great efforts to make sure that all of their cars, including the Mustang, are as safe as they can possibly be.

How the 2014 Ford Mustang Performed in Safety Tests

It doesn’t matter how many fancy safety features a vehicle has. What’s truly important is how well it performed in safety tests. When it was put through a battery of tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests, the 2014 Ford Mustang performed quite well. Its lowest rating was an acceptable for how it performed in side impact tests. In the rest of the tests, the Mustang received a good rating, meaning that no matter what happens, passengers can feel secure while cruising in the 2014 Ford Mustang.

ford mustang safety features

Interior Safety Features

The 2014 Ford Mustang’s interior safety features all serve the same basic function, to prevent you from getting hurt if you’re involved in an accident. All of the interior safety features have been undergone heavy testing are made out of high quality material. No matter how long you have the car, you can rest assured that the interior safety features will remain in perfect working order and keep you safe.

The interior safety features found in the latest Ford Mustang include:

  • Airbags
  • Anchors and Tethers for Children
  • Illuminated entry
  • Seat belt sensors

Personal Safety System™  The engineers at Ford are constantly working to come up with new ways to keep passengers safe. One of the things they have come up with is the Personal Safety System which currently comes standard in the 2014 Ford Mustang. This system has been designed to calculate physical information about the person sitting in the shotgun seat and making sure that the airbag deploys at the perfect speed to keep them protected in the crash. The Personal Safety System™ prevents injuries caused by airbags.  Tire Pressure Indicator  The amount of air tires have is very important. Not only does the proper air pressure increase the number of miles you can drive on a single gallon of gas, but it also impacts how you Mustang accelerates and turns. The lower the air pressure, the greater the odds of you getting into an accident. However, if you’re like most drivers, you’re lax about checking the pressure. This won’t be a problem in the 2014 Ford Mustangs which come with an internal tire pressure warning system that lets you know exactly when you have to put air in your tires.

If there is an Accident

If the worse does happen and you get in an accident, the 2014 Ford Mustang will continue to keep you safe. One of the most recent safety features Ford has installed in the sports car is the SOS Post-Crash Alert System. If you’re in an accident that triggered the airbags, the SOS Post-Crash Alert System activates. In addition to turning on your interior and exterior lights, including the hazards, the system unlocks all doors and sounds the horn, things that make it easier for emergency response crews to find you and free you from the wreckage.

The 2014 Ford Mustang is available right now, and the place where you’re most likely to receive a great deal on the Mustang of your dreams is at our Ford dealer near Boise, Idaho.  Give us a call today at (866) 370-7119 to schedule your test drive!

Safety Features of the Ford Edge

Ford builds tough, but safety features aren’t limited to a strong chassis and durable parts. In fact, Ford has made a huge investment in improving overall safety across its entire line of vehicles, and the 2014 Ford Edge boasts things that older cars can only envy. The following are some of the major safety features available on the vehicle – and all of them are standard equipment for the year.

The Personal Safety System

This system is actually a collection of components, including safety belt pre-tensioners, energy-managing retractors, airbags, passenger sensing systems, and various other components. Together, these help the Ford Edge respond quickly and intelligently to collisions, allowing for the best possible use of all safety features.

ford edge safety features

The Safety Canopy System

Rollovers are a major concern for any vehicle, and the Safety Canopy system helps by using a rollover sensor to deploy extended-duration airbags in both the front and rear rows of the vehicle. This system won’t activate in every collision, but it will integrate perfectly with the Personal Safety System if the car deems it necessary to deploy both sections (which, if this actually gets used, will generally be the case).

SOS Post-Crash Alert System

If a collision occurs, you may not have the presence of mind to sound the horn or activate emergency flashers. Depending on the severity of the collision, it may not even be possible to perform these actions. The SOS Post-Crash Alert System will automatically begin sounding the horn and flashing the emergency lights on the outside of the vehicle, alerting other drivers in the area to the fact that a collision has occurred and helping to improve overall response times for emergency services.

The Belt-Minder System

This system was first introduced many years ago, warning drivers when their seat-belt was not correctly fastened. Seat belts are an extremely important safety device within any vehicle, and the Belt-Minder has proven its effectiveness in increasing the rates at which they are worn. As such, this feature continues to be a common fixture of Ford vehicles and continues its efforts to help make the Ford Edge a safer vehicle to be in.

Child Safety Rear Door Locks

We all love kids, but many of them are too young to understand proper safety within a vehicle. In fact, the ability of something (such as a door handle) to be pulled is often all the reason they need to pull it, and doing this at an inopportune time could result in damage to the vehicle… or worse, the child. These locks meet all requirements for modern vehicles, and our staff here at our Oregon Ford dealership would be happy to demonstrate their use for any customer who has never needed to use them before.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Maintaining adequate tire pressure is critical for allowing the vehicle to run at its most efficient rate – and low pressure in the tires can ultimately become a serious hazard, slowing your response time, reducing your effective grip, and potentially even blowing the tire out completely. Fortunately, modern technology has allowed Ford to install a monitoring system that automatically detects when any tire goes below safe levels. Please keep in mind that this system is configured for the Ford Edge’s standard tires and may need to be adjusted if alternate tires are used.

Disclaimer: Available safety features may vary across Edge models, and may work differently when non-standard equipment is installed. Ask a sales representative for more information if you are unsure about what effect any accessory may have on the overall safety of any Ford vehicle.

Safety Features of the Ford F-150

The 2014 Ford F-150 is one of the safest trucks on the road. It is sold in ten different model styles but each is built with a high strength safety cage structure and several other overarching safeguards. This year’s F-150 also performed nearly flawlessly on numerous crash and safety tests. Let’s take a look at what makes Ford’s 2014 F-150 trucks so safe.

2014 Ford F-150 Oregon

Standard and Optional Safeguards

Ford F-150 trucks’ litany of safety features include electronic stability control, four wheel anti-lock disc brakes, roll stability control, and six total standard airbags that include front seat airbags and full length side curtain airbags. There’s an optional Sync technology that has an emergency crash notification feature. This technology utilizes a compatible cell phone to automatically call 911 whenever an accident occurs. The F-150 also has a trailer sway control technology that alters the truck’s engine speed and braking to keep the vehicle balanced and stable at all times.

2014 also marks the first year that F-150s get hill descent control. Hill descent control helps the trucks safely navigate down steep and slippery declines. The King Ranch trim has a standard rear view camera that is optional on all other F-150 trims. Other available safeguards include Bluetooth connectivity (it comes in handy in emergencies) and parking sensors.

F-150 XL trim regular safety features not mentioned above include child seat anchors, front and rear ventilated disc brakes, an engine immobilizer, passenger airbag occupant sensing deactivation, a front center three-point belt, front seat belt pretensioners, electronic brakeforce distribution and tire pressure monitoring.

F-150 XLT, FX2, FX4, King Ranch, Platinum, SVT Raptor, Limited and LARIAT trims have a remote keyless entry with SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft Technology. This functions to guard the truck’s engine from being started until the specific five digit key code is entered onto the driver side door’s electronic keypad. A panic alarm is also included with this breakthrough safety technology.

2014 Ford F-150 Interior Oregon

F-150 Safety Test Performance

SuperCrew models achieved the best possible rating of “Good” from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for its roof strength, side impact, and moderate overlap frontal offset tests. The F-150 is America’s sole full size truck to earn a “Good” rating for its rollover roof strength. This is partially due to the F-150′s Safety Canopy System’s state of the art roll fold technology. The F-150 also earned a “Good” rating for its ability to protect drivers and passengers from experiencing whiplash during an accident involving a rear impact.

The F-150 earned an overall score of 4 stars out of 5 in government crash tests. In terms of side impact protection, the truck earned a full 5 stars. The F-150 was awarded 4 stars for frontal protection. During Edmunds brake tests, the F-150 came to a complete stop from 60 mph in merely 120 to 130 feet. These impressive safety statistics, grades and claims to fame make the F-150 one of the most protective and safe vehicles in the world.

About Gentry Ford

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Safety Features of the Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion was released into the auto industry in 2006 and quickly became of Ford’s most popular model. This mid-size car was well-received because it offered consumers a great-looking car with impressive fuel-efficiency rates and was released on the market for a very reasonable rate. Another aspect that attracted many consumers, especially families, was the terrific safety features that Ford included on their Fusion models. Below is a closer look at what some of these great safety features are.

2014 Ford Fusion Oregon

The Ford Fusion includes numerous safety features designed to prevent an accident from occurring in the first place such as a tire pressure monitoring system, an electronic stability control system, traction control, four-wheel drive brakes, brake alert, front disc and rear drum brakes, integrated turn signal side mirrors, and night sensing headlights. In addition, Ford offers a roadside assistance service to their Fusion owners just in case there is an accident or other problem with the car.

If there is an impact, your safety belt is often the first source of protection in the car. This is why Ford ensures that three-point safety belts are available for every seat in the Fusion models. The front safety belts include a monitoring system that reminds you when your belt is not on and both the driver and passengers seat belts are fully height adjustable. For child car seats, the Ford Fusion includes both Lower Anchors and Tether Anchors for Child Safety Seats (LATCH). This will help to protect even the smallest members of the family.

Airbags are also an important safety feature that can protect both the driver and the front seat passenger in the event of an accident. The Ford Fusion includes both driver and passenger dual-stage airbags, as well as side impact and head airbags. For added protection, the driver’s seat also includes a knee airbag to protect the driver’s legs in case of an accident. The passenger-side airbag is occupant sensors and will only deploy if a passenger is riding in the car.

2014 Ford Fusion Interior Oregon

Ford also helps customers protect their Fusion from theft or break-ins by providing a secure remote keyless entry system, an anti-theft perimeter alarm to prevent break-ins and the Ford’s SecuriLock anti-theft system to prevent theft. The Ford Fusion has received an impressive five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for overall performance and frontal crash impact, and four-star rating for side impact and rollover.

Overall, the Ford Fusion includes all the necessary features, and more, needed to keep you and your passengers safe while riding in the car. In addition, if an accident were to occur, the Fusion includes numerous features designed to minimize the impact of the crash felt by you and your passengers and to minimize injuries. The Fusion is certainly a great mid-size car perfect for individuals and families, and it will provide peace of mind when driving it knowing that you are providing the safest ride possible for you and your loved ones.

If you want to test drive a new or pre-owned Ford Fusion, come to Gentry Ford in Ontario, Oregon today!

Ford Hybrid Cars

Ford is proud of its 2014 hybrid vehicle lineup. This year’s Ford hybrids include the C-Max Energi, Ford Fusion hybrid, Ford Fusion Energi, Ford Focus Electric and the Ford C-Max hybrid. This is quite an impressive array of fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles considering where American cars were only a decade ago. The landscape was littered with gas guzzling sport utility vehicles and hardly any sedans, coupes or hatchbacks achieved 30+ mpg. Ford introduced its first hybrid in 2005: the Escape hybrid. The production of fuel efficient vehicles has been one of Ford’s fortes ever since.

Whether you’re interested in a fuel efficient vehicle on the small side like a sedan or something larger like an SUV, Ford has a hybrid for you. Ford is predominately known for three hybrid automobiles: the Escape hybrid, the Fusion hybrid, and the newer C-MAX hybrid. While the Escape is no longer sold “new” in 2014, it is easily found as a used vehicle. Today’s most popular Ford hybrids are the Fusion and C-MAX.

2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid Oregon

The 2014 Ford Fusion hybrid starts around $27,000. This price isn’t all that high considering that the vehicle provides an amazing 47 mpg on both city roads and highways. Aside from its function, it has plenty of form. The Fusion hybrid is quite the eye catcher and this is a rare feat for hybrid vehicles which are stereotypically thought of as plain and rather ugly. The Fusion is fairly muscular with some curves and sharp angles along with a front grille that many think resembles those found on Aston Martins.

There’s also a 2014 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid that starts around $35,000. The Fusion Energi attains 44 mpg in cities and 41 mpg on highways for an overall average of 43 mpg and over 100 mpge with the uses of blended power. The Fusion Energi is meant for drivers looking for a vehicle that has more electric range. The Energi uses a combination of gas and electric energy for up to 21 miles of range.

2014 Ford C Max Hybrid Oregon

The 2014 Ford C-MAX hybrid starts just beneath $26,000 and provides drivers with a solid 45 mpg on city roads and 40 mpg on highways. This year’s C-MAX stands tall with an improved exterior aesthetic and it is also a blast to drive. It shares the same drive train as Ford’s Fusion hybrid.

There’s also the 2014 Ford C-MAX Energi plug in hybrid that has a starting MSRP of $33,745. The Energi version of the C-MAX hybrid offers 44 mpg in cities, 41 mpg on highways and 100 mpg when blended power is utilized. The C-MAX Energi also shares the same drive train with the Fusion Energi and can achieve a range of 21 miles when relying on blended power.

2014 Ford Fusion Energi Oregon

Anyone in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle is invited to check out the unbeatable selection at Gentry Ford. We’ve got Ford’s lineup of hybrid vehicles as well as the more “traditional” types. Aside from Ford vehicles, we also sell Subarus, Lincolns, and Mercurys.

You can meet with our friendly sales staff, kick the tires and take a test spin at 1802 SW 4th Ave in Ontario, OR, 97914. We’re open from 8:30 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday and 11 AM to 5 PM on Sunday. If you have a special request or any questions, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us at 866-269-5140. You can also check out our vehicles from the comfort of your home at

5 Places to Spring Clean Your Ford in Boise

From Ultra Touch to J’s, there are a number of excellent places in the Boise area to have your Ford cleaned, inside and out, just in time for spring!

Try one of these five to get your car looking shiny and new:

  1. Ultra Touch Car Wash is located in Treasure Valley. They offer a number of different full-service washes, such as their Ultra Supreme wash, their Super wash, and their Basic wash.  They also do auto detailing, from the basics (either the inside or outside) to a complete detail, which includes the interior and the exterior, shampooing your car’s floor mats, cleaning and protecting the leather inside your Ford, cleaning the dash and door jambs, as well buffing and waxing the exterior, and much more.
  2. Another great choice is J’s Ultimate Hand Car Wash.  They are located in Garden City and will do an excellent job on your vehicle, inside and out.  Expect the best at J’s! Cars are their self-described “bread and butter,” and they will definitely make your baby shine!  No matter what type of Ford you have, be it a pick-up truck, an SUV, or a car, they have packages to suit your needs. They offer full detailing, standard packages, and more
  3. Indepth Detailing is the place to go when you are in Boise and looking for the “unconventional” detailing shop. Indepth Detailing offers auto detailing made to order, so whatever you ask for, they can do.  There are no pre-set menus; you simply order up from their service menu, and they will give you the price. Simple, no muss, no fuss!
  4. Mister Car Wash is another auto detail shop that is located within Boise. They are a full-service car wash and an express lube station — all in one!  They offer hand waxes, exterior washes, interior vacuuming, hand finished wheel packages, underbody washes, and much more!  Mister Car Wash has two packages: the full service or the express. Pick the one that best fits your Ford’s needs!
  5. Finally, look to Dirty Harry’s Car Wash in Boise to spring clean your Ford. They have a number of promotions, like buy-one-get-one-free washes and discounts on multiple washes.  They have both self-service and automatic washes, for when you are simply pressed for time and don’t have time to wait for someone else to do the job.  At Dirty Harry’s, how your car looks is up to you! Add more elbow grease if your Ford is extra dirty!

Looking to get into a new Ford?  Maybe your spring cleaning includes a spruce-up!  If you are thinking about an upgrade, head to your Ford dealer near Boise today!

5 Signs You Need Your Transmission Checked

We expect our cars to start up and run smoothly each time we get in them and turn the key, but there are times when something may be wrong with your vehicle (or you suspect something might be wrong).  In those cases, it is always best to have your vehicle inspected and serviced by a professional technician, rather than attempting to take care of potentially major repairs on your own.  The transmission in your car is a vital component and is essential to moving you down the road. Here are a few signs of possible trouble that could require the attention of a vehicle technician:

  1. For manual transmission vehicles: If your shifter refuses to go into gear, this could be a sign that your transmission is wearing out.  In some instances, this can mean that you simply need to check your transmission fluid and add some, if necessary, but failing to go into gear is generally a sign of more serious problems that may need evaluation by an expert technician.
  2. The smell of burning transmission fluid can be an indication that your vehicle’s transmission needs to be checked by a professional service technician.  The burning smell is usually caused by an overheating transmission, which can be due to a variety of issues, most of which are not something you should attempt to remedy on your own.
  3. When your vehicle is in gear, whether it has an automatic or manual transmission, and it feels like the transmission is slipping as you drive (a lurching feeling as though the vehicle is temporarily losing power), this may be a sign that your transmission should be inspected.
  4. Leaking fluid is generally a sign that something is amiss with your vehicle, and this is especially true for your engine oil and transmission fluid.  Both are vital to proper and safe operation of your car, and leaking of either could indicate serious engine troubles.  If your transmission fluid is leaking, it can lead to transmission failure, which could be potentially fatal if you need your vehicle to perform as expected and it does not.  If your fluid is leaking or you are checking the level, make sure it is a reddish color (not dark) and that it does not have a burnt smell.
  5. If the “check engine” light on your vehicle comes on, this can– either mean something terrible is wrong with your vehicle or absolutely nothing worth worrying about is wrong with it.  The “check engine” light is tied to a wide array of sensors and electronic monitors, and something as simple as low tire pressure can cause it to come on.  However, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so if this light does come on in your vehicle, have a service technician check the cause on a diagnostic scanner to be sure that the problem isn’t one that could lead to very costly consequences and repairs down the road.

Keep your car running right by making sure you have regular preventive maintenance and inspections performed as needed.  You depend on your car to get you where you’re going safely, so do your part to keep it in excellent condition.  Looking for a place to get transmission services near Boise, Idaho?  Look no further than Gentry Ford in Ontario, Oregon!

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5 Signs you Need an Oil Change

The noise coming from your motor sounds like it’s struggling to work.  As you continue on, you smell something hot and start to wonder if your motor is about to blow.  You pull over and check under your hood, where the hot smell is strong.  You check your radiator and oil. The thick black liquid doesn’t look anything like the oil you put in there, back in… It hits you that you can’t remember when you last had an oil change.

Your oil is the thing that keeps your motor running smoothly.  Over time it gathers impurities and starts to become thicker and unable to properly lubricate the numerous parts of the motor.  They began to have difficulty moving and cause all sorts of trouble under your hood.  Ideally, it is best to write down when you do get an oil change and then note the manufacturer’s suggestion for how long you can safely go before your next one.  Our busy lives often see us forgetting to do this simple thing, however.  The good folks at Gentry Ford in Ontario, Oregon, have outlined the following signs for when your car needs an oil change.

Unusual Noises

Car owners know what their engines sound like when running smoothly.  If you start hearing pinging or rumbling noises coming from your motor, it is a safe bet that your oil isn’t lubricating your motor properly and needs to be changed as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.


Fresh oil is almost translucent and amber in color.  As time passes, the oil picks up impurities and becomes darker and darker. If you check your oil and it is a dark black, it definitely needs to be changed.

Oil Low

When oil becomes thicker and less effective, the motor tries to get the amount it needs and ends up using the oil quicker than it normally would.  This will cause your oil level to quickly become very low.  If your car seems to be eating oil and you don’t see evidence of a leak, it is time to make that appointment.

Time and Miles

If you try to remember when you last changed your oil and it eludes you, it has most likely been too long. Consider the amount of time you spend driving every week; if you have driven an estimated 3,000 or more miles over the last few months, take your car in for a much-needed change.

Dash Lights

Most new cars have all sorts of lights that tell you when a door isn’t closed properly or you don’t have your seat belt fastened or you need to check your engine.  These are not on your dashboard simply to annoy you.  If your “check engine” light keeps lighting up and won’t go out, check your oil for other signs that it needs changing.

Creating a simple schedule to help remind you when to get your oil changed will go a long way toward keeping your car’s motor running smoothly.  With all the other stress you’re under, it will be a relief to know that your car’s engine is in tip-top shape.

Think your car may be in need of an oil change?  Gentry Ford provides oil change services near Boise, Idaho!

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